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Don’t allow a Drug Arrest Ruin You Vacation

Don’t allow a Drug Arrest Ruin You Vacation

Many countries have stiff penalties for drug violations and strictly put into effect drug laws. If you are stuck buying, promoting, wearing or the use of any type of drug – from hashish to heroin, marijuana to mescaline, cocaine to quaaludes – you will be arrested. You are difficulty to overseas laws overseas, now not U.S. Legal guidelines, and, if arrested, you will locate that:

• Few countries provide a jury trial.
• Trials are regularly long, with delays and postponements.
• Most international locations do not accept bail.
• Pre-trial detention, frequently in solitary confinement, may additionally last for months.
If you are convicted, you face a possible sentence of:
• 2 – 10 years in many nations
• A minimum of 6 years difficult labor and a stiff nice in a few nations
• The loss of life penalty in a number of countries (e.G. Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia)

During latest years, there has been an increase in the variety of ladies arrested abroad. These are normally ladies who serve as drug couriers or `mules` and who trust that they can make fast cash and have a vacation on the identical time, without getting stuck. Instead of a vacation, they obtain a everlasting residence in an overseas prison.

U.S. Citizens were arrested overseas on drug charges because they possessed just one ounce or much less of marijuana. The hazard of being jailed for simply one marijuana cigarette is clearly not really worth it!

Once you’re arrested, the U.S. Consular officer CANNOT get you out of jail nor in another country!

Likewise, the U.S. Consular officer CANNOT
• Represent you at trial or come up with prison counsel.
• Pay felony expenses and/or fines with U.S. Government price range.
• If a person offers you a unfastened journey and some brief and smooth money, just for bringing back a suitcase…SAY NO!
• Do no longer deliver a package for each person, no matter how small it may be.
• Do no longer allow anyone % your suitcases for you even as you’re overseas.
• If the medicine are in you suitcase, you will be caught.

Do now not get involved with illegal pills foreign places! It can smash extra than your holiday. It can wreck your existence!

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