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Some Interesting Facts About Kerala You Should Know

Some Interesting Facts About Kerala You Should Know
Some Interesting Facts About Kerala You Should Know
Some Interesting Facts About Kerala You Should Know

Some Interesting Facts About Kerala You Should Know

Kerala is referred to as the most superior society of India due to some of motives. A hundred% literacy rate, global-class fitness care systems, lowest infant mortality rate, maximum existence expectancy rates, maximum physical pleasant of lifestyles and the cleanest nation of India are just a number of the few reasons.

These tremendous, thrilling and jaw-losing facts approximately Kerala will depart you speechless:


According to 1 popular theory, “Kerala” call derives from “Kera” (approach “coconut tree” in Malayalam) and “alam” (method land). Thus, it’s miles called “land of coconuts” which additionally takes place to be a nickname for the nation due to masses of coconut trees and its use by the locals. In another concept, the phrase “Kerala” is first recorded as Keralaputra, which means Cherathala makan or Cheraman in a third-century BCE rock inscription left via the Mauryan emperor Ashoka (274-237 BCE). The inscription shows to the neighborhood ruler as Keralaputra, approach “son of Kerala” or “son of Chera”. This is towards the concept that “Kera” is from coconut tree.

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Kerala is one of India’s maximum developing states in recognize of social welfare and quality of lifestyles. The State takes pride in having one among India’s top literacy rates, pinnacle life expectancy and least infant mortality rates. The literacy price for women is one of the top in all of Asia. Enjoying a unique state-of-the-art perspective, the humans of Kerala, in any respect stages of society, have more access to services and possibilities as well as a greater say of their governance.


According to Hindu mythology, the lands of Kerala have been recovered from the ocean by way of the axe-wielding warrior sage Parasurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Hence, Kerala is likewise known as Parasurama Kshetram (“The Land of Parasurama”). According to legend, Parasurama threw his awl throughout the sea, and the water receded as far because it reached. This new region of land extended from Gokarna to Kanyakumari. The land which rose from sea become packed with salt which become incorrect for habitation. So, Parasurama calls the Snake King Vasuki, who spat holy poison and converted the soil into fertile lush inexperienced land. Thereafter, Vasuki and all snakes were appointed as protectors and guardians of the land.


The records of Kerala is carefully associated with its trade, which till recent instances revolved round its spice change. Acclaimed as the Spice Coast of India, ancient Kerala performed host to guests and traders from everywhere in the international which incorporates the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British. Almost they all have left their imprint in this land in some form or the other – structure, delicacies, literature.



Onam is a harvest pageant celebrated by means of the Kerala human beings and is a harking back to the nation’s agrarian past. It is also the State festival of Kerala with public holidays for four days from Onam Eve (Uthradom) to the fourth Onam Day.


There are 5 particular classical dance sorts of Kerala: Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattom, Thullaland Krishnanattam, which originated and evolved inside the theaters of temples at some point of the classical period. Kerala natanam, Thirayattam, Kaliyattam, Theyyam, Koothu and Padayani are different kinds of dance associated with the temple tradition of the place.


Rice is essential which is eaten always of the day. A majority of the breakfast meals in Kerala are made up of rice, in a single shape or the opposite (idli, puttu, appam, or idiyappam), tapioca arrangements, or pulse-based vada.


Elephants have been an critical part of the tradition of Kerala. It is home to the biggest domesticated populace of elephants in India. About seven-hundred Indian elephants are owned via temples and individuals. These elephants are normally hired for the processions and displays that are associated with gala’s celebrated all over the nation.


The culture and traditions of Kerala have made the state one of the maximum famous vacationer locations in India. National Geographic’s Traveler mag named Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the sector” and “50 have to see destinations of a lifetime” in 2012. Travel and Leisure additionally define Kerala as “One of the 100 exquisite trips for the twenty first century”. It overtook the Taj Mahal and have become the number one travel destination in Google’s search tendencies for India in 2012.

The beaches, backwaters, lakes, mountain levels, waterfalls, ancient ports, palaces, non secular institutions and flora and fauna sanctuaries of Kerala are major points of interest for both domestic and international vacationers. When we calculated the number of tourists traveling for Kerala excursion, then Kochi got here out to be the metropolis which receives highest variety of footfalls in a year.

Until the early 1980s, Kerala was a comparatively unknown vacation spot as compared to other states of the usa. In 1986, the authorities of Kerala declared tourism an essential industry and it changed into the first nation in India to do so.

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