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No Cost Income with The New Hotspot Technology

No Cost Income with The New Hotspot Technology

No Cost Income with The New Hotspot Technology
renting a tiny fraction of your internet

The New “Internet Of Things” Technology!

No Cost Passive Income with The New CoastFi “Internet Of Things” Technology

I’m getting paid $100 per year (paid upfront) to rent a small (unnoticeable fraction) of my internet to CoastFi… and so can you!
With the pontential for Unlimited Additional Passive Income

CoastFi is an Internet of Things (IoT) network coverage provider (similar to a cellular antenna company) that pays people & businesses to connect small, safe & secure hotspots to existing internet connections.

What does a CoastFi Hotspot do?
It takes a fraction of your internet and turns it into an encrypted access point to the cloud for IoT devices passing through your neighborhood, like smart scooter rentals, bike shares, and GPS trackers for package deliveries. When these smart devices are in the coverage area provided by the CoastFi Hotspot, they can ping tiny bits of data to their respective companies (without ever slowing down your internet speed).

How To Make Unlimited Additional Passive Income USA only!

An overview of the referral structure for every successful referral made can earn up to $120.00/year paid $10.00/mo per hotspot. (A successful referral is someone who has qualified, had their phone call with CoastFi, and successfully installed their hotspot)

Your recurring monthly payment is dependent on your referrals keeping their hotspots online. We ask that you have a good relationship with anyone whom you refer this way you have a better chance of earning and maintaining additional passive income.

Hello Business Owner
Please learn about = No Cost Income with The New #Hotspot Technology Earn passive income renting a tiny fraction of your internet. Earn more sharing with others (USA Only)

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