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Learn to differentiate between a Gossip – Information = Fact and a Truth

fact and truth of life
Learn to differentiate between a Gossip – Information = Fact and a Truth

Learn to differentiate between a Gossip – Information = Fact and a Truth

This was whatsapped to my son a day before he turned 21 years old in the year 2018. I got a reply with a thumbs up! 😀. My daughter can also read it as she is running 16 years now.

My Dearest Son Pappus,

Today is the first day and beginning of your 21st year on this planet.

I would like you to commit something to memory forever! We talked about them over the phone in the last week of 2016 if you recall.

Here it is again…

How should we arrive at the truth and into the deep core of situations as accurate as possible?

How do we size up situations correctly when we are bombarded with all kinds of opinions and news from all sides?

One way to do is,

“Learn to differentiate between a Gossip, Information, Fact and a Truth.”

1. Gossip: It’s obvious and easy to understand with a little-involved listening.

2. Information: An information can be right or wrong until verified.
For e.g. if somebody calls you and informs you that your hostel is on fire, that is information. It can be right or wrong unless you check it yourself.

3. Fact: A fact can be right at a particular point in time.
For. e.g. population of India. It may be different in 2020 than in 2017.

4. Truth: A truth is an absolute one.
For e.g. You have a father and mother.

Now, how do we learn to differentiate the above 4 into more or less accurate levels?

Put into motion the The Magic Force Formula: 5W’s and the One H.

1. W: Ask WHY?
2. W: Ask WHEN?
3. W: Ask WHERE?
4. W: Ask WHAT?
5. W: Ask WHO?


6. H: Ask HOW?

Ask the above 6 questions FIRST to yourself as well as to others if you need them. But do ASK!

If you find that others are dilly-dallying with their answers, put them on your radar! Do not trust them in the initial stages.

When you learn to ask the 5W’s and the One H, you get the answers required to apply to situations that will help you to ‘size-up’ the situations you are in.

Once you make this a habit, you have mastered a powerful life success formula that will pay handsome dividends throughout your life.

You’ll not easily become a sitting duck in the hands of manipulators (the world is full of them) as you have built a fortress around you that will more or less keep you from being a victim.

I have failed many a time in life by refusing to ask these questions. I do not want you to make the SAME mistakes I did unless you want to re-invent the wheel.

Here is another simple way to identify most people’s characters and categorize them in your mind.

Just three simple observation is all that it requires.

Usually, we come across three types of people in life.


1. MEDIOCRE PEOPLE talks about others’ faults, are overly critical and show more interest in finding faults in others!.

Listening to them is a waste of time. Avoid them unless you want your mind to get corrupted. These are problem creators usually.

When I say, avoid them, I did not mean being non-friendly or antagonize them!

It just means, be friendly with them but KNOW THAT they are NOT YOUR friends as such.

2. AVERAGE PEOPLE likes to talk more about day to day events and on interests that they have.

They may talk about an accident they saw on the way. Or, about an elephant, they saw on the highway. These are usually good people and you can befriend them.

3. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE usually like to talk about ideas! You’ll find them gravitating towards ideas on how to improve upon something.

For e.g. Ways to score high grades in exams, better personal finance management, etc.

These people are usually problem solvers. You will gain a truckload of “mental nourishment” if you choose to spend time with them.

So, in a nutshell, become a master of these three before 21 is behind you,

1. Learn to differentiate between Gossip, Information, Fact and Truth.

2. Learn to put into motion the The Magic Force Formula: 5W’s and the One H

3. Learn to categorize people as Mediocre, Average, and Intelligent… and then choose friendships wisely.

Welcome to your own very special 21st-century son ☺️




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